Friday, February 26, 2010

Facing SXSW 2010

I really hope that I'm not still unemployed come SXSW (March 16-21), but I'll go ahead and prepare for the worst. Been downloading mp3s of tons of new and smaller bands I have not heard of, per show lineups. See my picks below. I haven't seen too many big names yet, 'cept for The xx, jj, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Seeing TPOBPAT last year was more than enough for me, and I've warmed up to 2 songs of The xx, thanks to the Olympics. It seems like it is more about seeing as many hot bands as you can, and then bragging later to your friends and/or over the Internet about how you were at all the "it" places. Or maybe that's my tainted, hipster-informed perception. With too many places to be and too many bands to see, it can easily become a consumption race. B and I are both pretty much over live music since we have no desire to stand among crowds of strangers waiting for delayed performances that are probably poorly mixed anyway. But I can't get over how big SXSW is in this town, and I can't help but get infected by the buzz and participate. One roadblock is that for half of the free parties I come across, you have to RSVP on Facebook. Vom.

The darling Gorilla vs. Bear flyer (click for larger):

The xx - Night Time
(source: creamteam)
Avi Buffalo - What's It In For
(source: laisthenewny)
Bear in Heaven - You Do You
(source: tympanogram)

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