Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cat Cafes

There are many times when I tire of being in a house with a cat. The hair everywhere, the stinky litterbox, the scratched up furniture, the constant fear of my feet being attacked anytime at night... but besides that, I've warmed up to cats a lot. Only if they are friendly, like Boydster is.
A Chinese Flickr contact just uploaded some photos of his trip to a cat cafe. It's hilarious to me that they even exist. Why not just get a cat? Too much upkeep, eh? I'd still like to go sometime. Love this grey, grouchy puff of fur especially.


ehaze said...

are you still considering adopting a bunny (or any pet for that matter)? they shed and have smelly litter boxes too. but pet therapy = unbeatable sometimes. while raleigh has his drawbacks i definitely appreciate that he doesn't shed and does his business outdoors.

Fern said...

No, I decided against it. Especially because I'm over at Brook's 1/2 the time. Yea, I'm not really into the whole shedding thing, but it is nice to have a little animal companion to squeeze.