Friday, November 25, 2005

Design Finds, Issue #2

Yesterday I didn't eat that much turkey because it was a bit dry without that apple half stuff in it, so I wasn't sleepy and instead of taking a nap, I browsed what's new in the design world. But if one of you tells me that this isn't very interesting at all Fran, I'll be sure to stop at this post.

Hand painted customized Chuck Taylors inspired by the bands at ACL 05. I like the laceless look. If I could draw or get one of my artist friends to customize a pair for me - wouldn't that so fun?

Is this shoe too hip to be worn? It is quite possible. The graphic reminds me of the Unicorns album art and was designed by a student intern at Converse who is only three years older than I.

Forget buying a skateboard! I should get myself a pair of Freeline Skates instead! It's like a baby skateboard underneath each foot and it lets you carve out sweet turns.

I first encountered these Bodum double-walled glass cups in the 2 oz. size at the Tea Embassy, where they had a full set and matching clear teapots. The double wall is supposed to be superiorly insulating for both hot and cold beverages, but either way, it such great functional modern art. I plan to pick up a pair when I am able to treat everyday cups more gingerly.

Hazel family, truly, if I had £45 to spare, I'd buy this fruit bowl for your kitchen table this second.

What do you think of this bookcover? Illustrator "Christopher Neal was recently commissioned to repackage J.D. Salinger's classic novel, Catcher in the Rye, for Danish publisher Roman Heulenhoff. The cover was later killed when upon further examination, Heulenhoff staff noticed a clause in Salinger's contract stating he does not want illustrations on his covers."

I have not seen any (billed) winter hats cuter than these. And they do not look skater-ish. Sadly, these pups are only available in Canada and are probably very pricey. I like the one on the top left, "Velo."

I'm not really a fan of tats, but to me, this one is truly a work of art that fully captures both beauty and horror. The artist's description: "This is a promo pick from the Dario Argenta movie Opera. It's a girl with pins taped under her eyes, so she can't close them. She is bound and forced to watch a maniac rape and murder her friend.." Eesh!
(Click image for larger view)

[This layout looks fine on my 12" laptop screen, I don't know how to fix it if it looks wacko on yours..]

And then I spent giddy hours downloading many newly leaked previously unreleased Elliott Smith b-sides and demos. They are fragile, Beatlesque and melancholy the way I like it. New listener, I charge you to take a good stab at these!
Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)
Let's Get Lost
Baby Britain (Remix)
Going Nowhere

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dead Soldier Pose

So I've been going to yoga at Casa de Luz, a small macrobiotic "campus" which includes a restaurant, rooms, a playground, etc. The first time I ate there I was a bit creeped out by the aliens who like to eat there. As much as I poke fun at it for being new-agey and freakishly healthy.. well, I shouldn't.. too much. It's pretty great. Today was only my 2nd time at yoga (which I had never done before last Friday) and I can see why it's so appealing. Who isn't up for unharnessing his/her inner energy and learning how to breathe properly? And the bamboo-floored room in which it is held exudes such peacefulness and warmth that I would pay rent to live there next year. I know that if I bought into the spiritual part of the exercises, then I would be experiencing yoga in its full effect. However, I don't quite believe in tromping elephants and such and am relegated to channeling imaginary energy and half-smiling at the Warrior Pose, which shouts, "Glory to God!" (A terrible mood had been hanging over me all day, causing me to snap at my kindergarteners, spend too much money at Mr. Natural's, and feel tired about the upcoming holiday.) So understandably, I felt only half better afterwards. What? I'm anxious about life, and nobody can fix that.

And now, after trying on funky sweaters I hadn't worn all year and modeling them for my roommate, I am going to finish packing.

He will take you, if you run, he will chase you, because he is the

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Slanted and Enchanted .. Rock

Hello, well whaddya know, I finally went Outside! Photos are up from this day trip, but I see that my camera does not do justice to nature at all. More updates after I tackle what is known as schoolworkkkk

So, my relatives don't do Christmas list shopping, which is fine, and I don't need anything right now, mainly because I have been buying things that I don't really need throughout the year, but if I was 1 oz. greedier I would ask for stuff. Here's one thing I would truly appreciate: a good cooking magazine to spice up my life in the kitchen and prepare me for future wifedom. Let's hear a cheer for that one!
My Fake Christmas List:
Vintage stoneware dishes
Bodum double wall glasses
Personal tea pot
Tea brick
Ecolight soy candle
New laptop battery
Breathable windshirt (a or b)
Print hoodie
Swatch Fritto Misto watch
Subscription to Vegetarian Times and/or Everyday Food

But what I am getting my parents are a nice pair of warm Patagonia jackets (like an El Cap for Mom and a Micro Synchilla for Dad) mainly because they do not own much new clothing, are very frugal with their own possessions and spend all their money on their kiddos. A common story indeed. I love the Web Specials section anyway, it gets me excited about cold weather and makes me feel better about not being able to normally afford technical gear. So what about off-ish colors? I named my R2 fleece "Aslan's Mane." And speaking of Aslan and Turkish Delights, what did everybody think of the new HP movie? Alas, I have become a so-so fan of the books and an even smaller fan of the movies- I think I have only seen one, maybe. Oh, crazed college kids hate me for it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Despair of Reality

Hm, I have some life to figure out. And a lot of free time in which to do it, surprisingly. Until then, I have no appetite for the details. Will maybe be back then.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


p.s., I wasn't trying to slander my peoples with the "googlism" post - I looked up ya'll's first names on googlism and that's what they gave me. Cheez, I was tired of your drug questions so..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I feel like the mother of the world

Take a hint, give a hint. Cards to hand to people who constantly yap into small metal bleeping devices, loudly. Let's cut down on the noise pollution already. And if you print them out on nice cardstock, it'll be even better. SHHH!

It seems like everyone in this college is learning about black folk and racism in their classes. Theme? A good thing to know, although I still feel just as removed from their terrible experiences. Mine is in the context of education of course, specifically addressing the why's of low-achievement among black students. Factors and complicatedness, but it is not their fault like we think! It makes me ask nonstop, in America, how the hell do these people survive? It is said that what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Then they are very strong people.

Mojo's Daily Grind on Guadalupe is a pretty neat place. And it used to be a house, silly. Rach, Nora and I studied there tonight, amidst the swirlies of hot smoke on the porch, and then to the tune of a loud and angsty boy who was promoting himself on an open mic. I had just finished my school book, Young, Gifted And Black, and it took me 3 times as long with that background noise beckoning in my ears. I always felt a little self-conscious carrying that book around with it's title in fat bold butternut squash-orange letters on its black cover. Reform, reform. I am getting the idea that we humans started off on bad footing on just about anything and everything and for the rest of time we are trying to fix it, layers and layers of fixing. What can we say that is great for the collective human race? Hum. We are messed up and therefore, we mess up.

Been experiencing some anxiety lately from the machine component. Why don't we use the most effective ways to do things? Especially things that are important, like learning, teaching, studying, exercising, scheduling, ee e e? But if we save time and energies, what do we use that extra on? More efficiency? Is this how business and capitalism work? Life is but a vapor, and then it's gone. How much have I wasted?
Ok, and then there are relationships. Messy, wonderous things. I was thinking, I would not trade society for amazing aesthetic ability; that's why great artists need to kill themselves, dying alone. They couldn't help being selfish. In some ways, the sadness becomes even more real when you can share it with someone. Otherwise, whose reality are you trusting? Ah, I must soon retire, now that I've started spilling words concerning things I know nothing about.

Biking to Mr. Natural's (Chicon and Ceasar Chavez) with Mary tomorrow for lunch. Extra special, I say!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


frances lee is able to be back with us
frances lee is now seeking to have the full length of the old route
frances is still a disorganized tropical depression
frances is a star in her own right
frances is tired of my drug questions so
frances is part demon part succubi
frances is married to jesus c
frances is eating that is good for her
frances is released through an outlet pipe in the east dam into the canal downstream

kristi is featured in the june/july issue of "go figure" online magazine
kristi is game
kristi is whipped and licked
kristi is thrilled to announce that her august silhouette desire
kristi is at it again
kristi is not in school she likes to read
kristi is a lovely petite indonesian girl from the island of java
kristi is greeted with her first parking ticket from a handsome motor officer
kristi is clinging onto kayjay as she sobs
kristi is drooling from anticipation
kristi is determined to find out who douglas merson really is
kristi is buried

erin is a gyroscope
erin is backed up
erin is a dork
erin is another one where there are quite a few
erin is sporting mall hair
erin is calling this sheet music is for a song called "erin is calling"
erin is almost 18 years old and nick is almost 17 years old
erin is an inspirational reminder of the human spirit
erin is natalie's babysitter and is the one who got her to giggle on the movie clip
erin is a sweet and happy baby who smiles all day long
erin is just so ballsy and indomitable that the final outcome is never in much doubt

mary is the mother of god
mary is a devil
mary is beheaded
mary is a bonny lassie
mary is the girl i love
mary is not tin lizzie
mary is mayor for killybegs
mary is arrested for giving brownies to suffering
mary is still there after all these years?
mary is in a movie called miss lettie and me which airs on tnt dec
mary is that she looks like my girlfriend casie

michael is one hot papi chulo
michael is gonna kick jpm's fat butt on sunday
michael is £30
michael is out and morgan is in
michael is playing i am lying on my bedroom floor
michael is not latoya
michael is possibly the best ever of this wine
michael is currently vice
michael is still rejoicing in flinging in the sheaves
michael has been eating almost nothing except peanut butter and fried banana sandwiches

sarah is a beast
sarah is one the country's top five
sarah is the real thing
sarah is my favorite big brother babe
sarah is good for soup
sarah is anywhere where a pile of leaves calls to you to dive in it
sarah is mentioned in adam sandler's new chanukah song 3
sarah is fiercely independent and adamant about staying that way
sarah is so cute when she's drunk
sarah is dolphinsezzy
sarah is seeking to seeking to fill in the jerusalem area

joyce is related to me but how?
joyce is one of the many people who graduated from indiana university and decided to make monroe county her home
joyce is really jumpin'
joyce is great date
joyce is young at heart and she's gone through her life being pulled
joyce is predominantly humorous
joyce is known as the psychic's psychic
joyce is seen in a wet bathing suit and at a party with her blouse open exposing most of her breast but no nipple
joyce is portrayed as a bodacious dullard

johnny is cause for rejoicing
johnny is a junky
johnny is punk rawk
johnny is like a god over there
johnny is just plain bad
johnny is shot down while fighting nazi planes over libya
johnny is up to his usual tricks again this week
johnny is a successful photographer who has started an affair with a client of his
johnny is a less than well adjusted human being
johnny is our main photocopying person and has spent scores of hours turning pages
johnny is not insane because of his need for killing

valerie is vegetarian?
valerie is about to come full circle on her decade
valerie is 8 years old and ready for the 3rd grade
valerie is in search of kids who are using their heads and wearing helmets while on wheels
valerie is a girl who is stucked in singapore
valerie is not a large mare
valerie is about to be late for her first day at her new job
valerie is the perfect companion for your busy day
valerie is sent away to catholic school

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Minimal Pairs

Oh sick so I hate smelling like smoke. It makes me feel so.. bad.

Song of the day:
A Happy Medium Malcolm Middleton

Who knew that a middle-aged Scottish man would still share the same issues with a teenager. Can you relate?

Woke up again today,
Realized I hate myself
My face is a disease

You wouldn't expect the despairing words to be paired with the happy clinks and uptempo beat though.

Happy All Saints Day! On Halloween, I watched two movies: The Birds and Shaun of the Dead. My nerves were SO overworked from too much stress about hiding out from vicious, killer creatures, like common seagulls and zombies. I made my first caramel apple though, ate chocolate covered Fiber One critters and ran the Mary (and a half!), which was about 4 miles. Whew! My legs hurt afterwards, which is probably due to my stinkin' overpronation.

I skinned my elbow trying to master a skateboard. I nearly took out the side of a passing car as the board shot out from under my trusting feet. Not hardcore, but at least I have deck shoes. It looks like the boys have a lot of fun doing it, and it might be good to have a few tricks under my belt for when I need them. It's just that complete skateboards are $100+ .. am I ready for another hobby? Heck, I still need drum lessons. Oh, and I had to turn down an awesome sounding weekend camping trip 8 hours away because I will be in Dallas! Seeing the folks after weeks of separation, should be good, especially the Asian home cooking. Yum.

OK now, I should be off to bed and early to wake for registration tomorrow. Yay.

Oh gosh, here's the rest of the song:

i'm gonna need to find

a happy medium

to make my future look good

my body is a temple

and my hands and mouth are science

smoke till my mouth gets furry

then smoke some ugly more

let the juices flow

being alive right now is sore

everything's ok

i'm obviously unhappy

you can tell I'm losing it again

paper on the piano

credit in the red

i cant find my friends

walk the market aisles

looking for a girl

i asked out when i was 10

and i just don't fit in

too unfit for the gym

my youth is dead

woke up again today