Friday, August 28, 2009

"Walrus vs. Harris"

That was B's Twitter description of this 2007 Newsweek article on an interview between Sam Harris and Rick Warren.

Is it just me, or does Rick Warren sound like a obstinate dude just spewing embarrassingly unconvincing rehashed Christian cliches? And he shouldn't be let off the hook for ending the interview with Pascal's Wager. Everything he stands for should really be called into question based on that move.

I'm slowly getting through Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. It's not a light or fun read, but it does bring up a lot of compelling points that are difficult to ignore if you believe in a Christian God. Definitely food for thought. I should be doing more research but I've never really had a taste for scientific facts. Guess that is the responsible thing to do, though.

Some people might say that Rick Warren isn't representative of American Christianity.. but I actually believe that it is. It's become distasteful.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuji Instax

I recently ordered a Fuji Instax instant camera. I paid for it out of our wedding budget, because I wanted to have photos taken of our guests for a custom guestbook. But I had been eyeing it for oh, the past 6 months. B and I took it for a test run the afternoon it arrived. I was surprised at how large the box was, and even more shocked at the ridiculous size of it. It will definitely take up half my bag if I decide to take it anywhere. As you can see on the Amazon site, there is no frame of reference. It looks like a toy camera for giants.

The Instax doesn't have the square charm of a Polaroid, but it's still loads of fun to use. B especially enjoyed using it, taking more thought and time to frame his photos. (He usually takes low resolution photos with his camera phone and is satisfied with that. I give him a lot of grief for it.) In brainstorming decoration ideas, I've decided to take more of them (yay!) and use a couple of them in each centerpiece. (Do I have to announce on my blog that I am getting married in October? I think most of my few and cherished readers are already aware. If not, consider this an announcement!)

Also, my Flickr pro account is about to expire! In 6 days. Because of our new spending system, where we have cash "envelopes" for our impulsive spending categories, I am going to try to see how long I can hold out on upgrading again. I have also been on a 35mm photography hiatus, since developing photos costs $7 each time.

Click images for larger

Me standing in one of Hyde Park's many traffic circles.

This is our new/used car, a 2004 Scion XA. We love it more every day!

This is a shot of me taken against my will. And by that I mean I whined at B to take no more photos indoor because of the low light. He didn't listen and the flash went off, blowing out my face. I would say the true subject of this photo is the books on the shelf.

I took this photo of B on the steps of our duplex. Don't look at those sweat stains.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hard to Be

The Passion of David Bazan

The only thing that would've made this article more poignant is if I had been a Pedro the Lion fan back in the day. Very mixed and deep feelings about his story. The Christian culture in which I was brought up disgusts me more and more everyday. It will never be separated from my identity.

The album is good.