Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost 25

This no-nonsense list of behaviors to adopt once you turn 25 is sobering to read. I know I have to grow up soon, and this just proves how much further I have to go. Hope I haven't been so annoying for the past few years. Sigh..

2. Do not invite yourself to stay with friends when you travel anymore. Presumably you have a job, and the means to procure yourself a hotel. If so, do so. If not, stay home. Mentioning that you plan a visit to another city may lead to an invitation to stay with a friend or family member, which you may of course accept; assuming that "it's cool if you crash" is not. Wait for the invitation; if it is not forthcoming, this is what we call "a hint," and you should take it and make other arrangements.

3. Do not expect friends to help you move anymore. You may ask for help; you may not expect it, particularly if your move date is on a weekday. Your friends have jobs to go to, and you have accumulated a lot of heavy books by this point in your life. Hire a mover. If you cannot afford a mover, sell your books or put them in storage — or don't move, but one way or another, you will have to cope.

Romanian Names

The new John Vanderslice is good. Somehow, it sounds less like his quirky self, and more sweetly poppy. I really like the shimmering "Too Much Time," even though it hardly even sounds like him. It's like he started talking and singing differently, less careless with this enunciations. I approve. So does NPR.
Another track: Fetal Horses

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happiest Hour

Despite a major issue I had having to do with who was and wasn't invited, I had a jolly good time at Kristi's birthday party yesterday at Red House. It was the perfect weather outside, as we sat beneath a large tree on a long picnic bench. Even though I hadn't drank much or enjoyed it at all in the past few weeks, I ordered a Sangria to be polite and I think that made all the difference. Suddenly everyone around me was interesting and interested in my witty comments and I partly lost my voice from talking so much. Not typical Frances social behavior at all. Chatting can be thorougly enjoyable, I see. So that's the draw of Happy Hour!

Courtesy of my Gmail web clip, I love this quote (somewhat related to the issue):

After all, what is your host's purpose in having a party? Surely not for you to enjoy yourself; if they were their sole purpose, they'd have simply sent champagne and women over to your place by taxi.

-P.J. O'Rourke

Slow Photography

Lately I've been thinking about trying medium format (not Holga/Lomo). I carry my film Canon Rebel around all the time and snap quick shots during my free time. It's about speed and dexterity: capturing the moment by finding the right settings before the shot is no longer there. Even though there is a time and place for that, I'd like to slow down and take less photos and really focus on learning how to compose a good scene. I'd think I'd rather have fewer quality photos, than a lot of haphazardly shot photos, some good, some bad, most OK. But then again, I like to take lots of photos to document my life (I have a really bad memory and must make up for it somehow). I would probably use 35mm and medium format in conjunction. Gotta scrounge up a pretty penny for a decent camera though. And processing!

From a NYT article by a large format photographer:

"One advantage of using larger formats is that the process is slower. It takes time to set up the camera. It takes time to visualize what you want.

When doing portraits, it enables the photographer to talk and listen to subjects, to observe their behavior. A camera can trap a photographer sometimes. You can look so intently through a viewfinder that you are unaware of the picture in front of you. When I use an 8-by-10 camera for portraits, I will compose the picture and step back. Using a long cable release, I will look at the subject and wait for the moment. It's very liberating."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Too Much Rubbish

Lately I've been finding it not that hard to avoid materialism. I know, I know, all I post about these days are things to own. But when I think about them for a short while, I realize I don't care at all. That's definitely never happened before. Finding it exceedingly difficult to deeply care about anything, really. Everything, everything is in flux.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Vintage Cycling Gear

I thought I wouldn't let myself get into this, but the designs are just so damn good. It's almost enough to make me purchase a Team Z hat. Gotta love that 1990-1992 design sense. And Greg Lemond was on that team. (Gonna go check out one of his frames this weekend). Prendas, a cycling retailer from the UK, is currently bringing back vintage cycling jerseys. The Team Z one is great.. too bad I am too small for Men's Small.

Who knew Bic had a cycling team in the 70's. Cute. Img source

RUSA wool jersey. Members only. Found on Lesli Larsen's blog.

Rapha Campionissimo shirt. Based on the stylish Fausto Coppi's shirts.

I remember American Apparel once sold a cotton shirt similar to a bike jersey. I think it was called Pocket Block? It has 2 back pockets. I now regret now not snatching it up.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Still Flyin'

Listening to some solid summery pop (reggae-influenced) tunes from this San Fran band. Good stuff! A bit disappointed that they played so many times at SXSW this year, all of which I missed. Ah, gotta do your music blog scouring before the big festivals.. Youthful exuberance abounds!

The Hottchord is Struck (highly rec'd)
Good Thing it's a Ghost Town Around Here

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Camp

I always say that the only girl-fronted band I really like is the Pretenders. Older band, I mean. I guess they were popular in the 80s? Anyway, Chrissie Hynde's voice is so gravelly and great. Here's a new single from the new band of the lead singer of the Cardigans. It's pretty catchy, and has the unmistakable sound of the 90's. Meaning, not new-school/ indie. The horns remind me a bit of Blur, actually. Also, I admire with artists who are multilingual and can write good lyrics in more than one language.

Stronger than Jesus

source (theyellowstereo)