Wednesday, February 03, 2010

i believe in everyone

The elven harpist/songwriter Joanna Newsom finally emerges after the mystical haze left by her last masterpiece in 2006, Ys, has long settled. I was so completely enamored with it at the time that I managed to write an entire paper about it in my Western European Philosophy class. All I really wanted to do was pass the class and introduce her otherworldly compositions to another intelligent person. I even forced my poor brother to sit through one of the song, the twelve minute one, I think. It was a very good album, and challenging at times, but we're the type of people to automatically dislike something when other people try in earnest to convince us it is good. So sorry, Samuel. But apparently it didn't turn him off completely to her, thank god, as he was my informant about her new album. Fun fact: her cousin, Gavin Newsom, is the mayor of San Francisco. Weird fact: last I heard, she was dating funnyguy Andy Samberg. She looked better with Bill Callahan.. I was lucky to see both of them perform a few years ago at The Parish, a strong two-in-one.


(mp3 source)

i found a little plot of land
in the Garden of Eden
it was dirt and dirt is all
the same
i tilled it with my two hands
and i called it
my very own
there was no one to dispute
my claim

well, you'd be shocked at the state of things:
the whole place had just cleared right out
it was hot as hell, so i lay me by the spring
for a spell, as naked as a trout

the wandering eye that i have caught
is as hot as a wandering sun
but i would want for nothing more
in my garden; start again
in the hardening to every heart but one

meet me in the Garden
of Eden
bring a friend
we are gonna have ourselves a time
we are gonna have a golden party
it's on me
no siree, it's my dime

we broke our hearts in the war between
St. George and the dragon,
but both in equal parts are welcome
to come along
i'm inviting everyone

farewell, two loves that i have known
even muddied as waters run
tell me, what is meant by sittin' alone
in a garden, seceded
from the Union in the year of '81?

the unending amends you made
are enough for one life; be done
i believe in innocence, little darlin'; start again
i believe in everyone

i believe, regardless
i believe in everyone

(lyrics source: stereogum)

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