Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Job X Jobless

Ha, OK that was a terrible word play on SXSW. The craze is happening all this week. Strangely enough, I am hardly excited about all the hubbub. Still pretty scarred from the frenetic running around and heat exhaustion from participating last year. Maybe I'm just 24 going on 40. Sure feels like it. The largest motivation for me to check things out is to be able to check in on Gowalla and earn cutely-designed badges and items, and to possibly win prizes. It's a new location-based smartphone app that not only launched at Interactive this year, but won the best mobile web award. I resisted at first, but gave in to increased iPhone fiddlin' to keep up with B.

How's my job search going? Despite my cookie-cutter cover letters (man, they get so hard to write with enthusiasm after a while), I've had a few phone interviews, one in-person interview (at the tallest building in Austin! beautiful!), and another one coming up this week. Funny thing is, I completely guessed during an accounting job test and thought I failed, but I got called back! Really gotta cram for that meeting since I have no actual accounting experience. Regarding the last post, I finally got a polite reply back, stating that they hired a marketing manager a few weeks ago who was taking care of that, and a link to Facebook's job openings in town. Ha. Anyways, things are heating up a bit for me, so I am also lending a huge hand in the job search for B. I made it my personal goal to help him land an interview at this awesome company in town, employing the creative tactic of ordering and delivering a giant 30" pizza from Arpeggios with a custom message written with black olives. Of course, he submitted a stellar cover letter the night before. I started having reservations about it this morning, right before I was to pick up the pizza, but it turned out to be a huge hit! They loved it and were especially floored by the size of the pizza (the box took over the entire coffee table), telling me they were going to give him a call today. I shot a short video of the HR Department's response below. Now, all we do is wait. I had a second part/bribe planned, but since he has already gotten their full attention, I can use it for my own application for an internship there. : )

- Kisses
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"Candy in the Kitchen" - Blair
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