Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I don't love you, I'm letting you go

Few food items annoy me more than traditional "trail mix," which tends to be infested with cheap-ass peanuts and raisins. Considering that, it's also ridiculously pricey. Who really likes consuming a pairing of snacks so bland, and yet so calorific? Raisins are great in raisin bread and peanuts in peanut butter, but when standing alone, keep that crap away from me. Friends, it's OK to think about what you are eating and why. Yesterday, I purchased a small bag of "Cherry Delite trail mix" from Wheatsville Co-op, and seven dried cherries and fifteen white chocolate chips later, I was left with a hefty bag of dusty peanuts and deceptively giant raisins.

The solution: Make your own trail mix! I made some last year and posted the recipe on Website #4 (archive), but here it is again. The ingredients aren't cheap, but you gotta stop paying them to feed you inferior.

Suggested bulk items for Upper Middle Class Tasteless-Crap-Free Trail Mix:

1 Roasted Cashews
2 Dried Bing Cherries
3 Pine Nuts
4 Yogurt Raisins
5 Pistachios
6 Banana Chips


Sarah Hazel said...

That sounds yummy. Now we just need a good trail to hike and we're all set!

erinhazel said...

Haha. preach it, sistah! mmhmmm

Anonymous said...

Pistachios with Granada, yummmm!

Anonymous said...

yayaya for trail mix made in the comfort of your own home... err our home. :) youa re so cute.