Thursday, February 23, 2006

Valentine Olivetti, bye

About last week, I was really looking into purchasing a vintage typewriter, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how little good it would do a 21st century middle classer like me. You know, give me enough time and I can learn the ins and outs of nearly anything you can convince me that I am interested in. For example, from not paying attention in stat lab, I now know that the Remington No. 5 is the run-of-the-mill antique typewriter, it's pretty common; the Valentine Olivetti, it is all red and one was going on eBay for $9.99, is a relic of fine Italian design and is displayed in the MoMA; and then 50's teal, white and red make a great word processor color scheme. But it's useless if I can't save my work, even if I do get neat ink marks to smudge up my school papers. I didn't choose to be a slave to technology, but it is one of our age's captivating masters.

I am writing a research proposal for a class investigating the effects of the model minority stereotype on "Asian Americans." Being an Asian American myself, I've been wondering about that lately. It's different from most stereotypes in that it serves as an advantage to a group .. or does it? Other topics I had in the brainstorm basket were associated with why the Church lacks so much in mercy ministry when caring for "the orphans and widows" is a Biblical command. Or is it a thinly veiled attempt to evade the issue of why I don't actively assist the poor and needy? And then I wanted to insert a personal rant about how men are still valued more for achievement and women for physical appearance. But she made me elaborate: for example, you will rarely see an ugly woman on TV, but it's not weird to see ugly men playing large roles in shows, and then they are either real witty or humorous. But then what defines "ugly"? the media? Ug, too convoluted for my undergraduate mind. Thought for food.

Yum-de-dum! Here are my latest splurges on body products:
Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Aloe Soap
"It's like candy in a bottle"
Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm
"It's like smearing honey on me puckers."

Listening to: Belle & Sebastian "The Life Pursuit"
Here's one of my favs, Sukie in the Graveyard. I'm not advocating illegal d/ling, so stream it here.

Ha! I've recently begun to leave single spaces after each sentence, instead of double. According to graphic designer and tutorial writer R. Williams, two spaces is tacky and juvenile. Even though it makes you have to write a few more sentences to meet a required length, that's ok because it looks more professional that way.

Today's outfit, each piece so common that I could easily find images of them online.

Alright, time to head home, perhaps to snuggle in my PUNDLE! Aww.

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erinhazel said...

you accidently linked sukie and the graveyard to the burts bees website. love you.