Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Limon y sol

Hello from 2 days into work! Wow! I have never done much manual labor before, so this is a first for me. We cleared rocks and rubble from the plot of land into two large piles yesterday and today we dug 2.5 foot deep trenches around the clinic perimeter, 20 x 60 meters. At the end of the day, we are all caked with sand, sweat and grime and we all jam into taxis for the harrowing ride home. How do things ever get built? The efficiency of the task has been debated many a time, but the Gospel is by no means efficient in the world´s terms. I gotta get over that, the rationalization of society and of my life! The older brother of Elizabeth, Andrew´s girlfriend is on this trip, but I just realized that a moment ago. Ah, we´re going to eat out tonight, although the food prepared by the pastor´s wife is muy delicioso! The corn here is gigantic great and there´s a sweet drink made out of purple maize. It`s been great trying to speak to the locals here and I wish I reviewed my Spanish. There is a worker here named Adrian and he´s been friendly and patient with my words.Well, I had better get off since there is an Internet line. ¡Ciao!

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