Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Light Rotation

Ah, just left my midterm in AAS light as a feather. Big tests are great for student morale! Can't have the good without the contrasting bad, right?

Here are some songs that I squeeze in for amusement (a-muse = no thinking) :

Destroyer - Painter In Your Pocket
.. How could you not love a band with a name like that? Clue to goodness: leading band member is also in the New Pornographers.

Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
.. A reference to Radiohead, maybe? This is the kind of soft stuff that grabs me at first listen, so it's good for mixes and mediocre for purchases.

And a local find:
SOUND Team - Electric Stallion
.. Don't hate on instrumentals.

Preparing for Peru! Packing, packaging, praying, panicking, paying, pondering, prancing, pilfering, paddling, pundle, Palladio ..

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