Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colorado II

We [OK, Brook and Evan] converted my current 10-speed Fuji Team 1985 road bike into a fixie. New Nitto Randonneur touring drop bars, Cinelli cork bar tape, Evan's old yellow Deep-V back wheel, pedal clips/straps, small brake lever. And the taking off of all unnecessary parts, such as the derailleurs, bottle cage, reflectors, geared back wheel, most of the brakes, including the back brake. Lightness and relief! Accuse me of hipsterdom [noooo], but I did it because I think I'm going to enjoy riding a lot more. Connected to the road and no lazy coasting! A very good start to Summer 08: Create!


marylamb said...

wowowoww! that bike is rad. i need to make mine a bit better, me thinks. i am still on the varsity. i have a flat. booo. alsoalso, i took a different job instead of primizie. it is food 4 fitness, that fitness cafe next to castlehill fitness on 12th and lamar. i will let you know when i work lovelovelove.

Jocelynilla said...

beautiful bike! :)
nah, i didn't get to see much of portland except the convention center, unfortunately

Let's keep creating allll summer long. Meet up soon?

Rachel B said...

Hi Frances! I'm new to blogging...when you comment on my blog post, am I supposed to answer on YOUR blog or mine? Nice bike. You should ride over to our new apartment this weekend.

Rachel B said...

wait a minute. i just noticed that no one else seems to use capital letters. i retract the capitalization in my last comment.