Friday, May 30, 2008

get me offline now

My roommates are probably going to be secretly pissed at me when all these packages keep coming in. Oh, how I love getting presents in the mail! Even if they're from myself..

Here is a silver Weinmann Deep-V front wheel. I've been bitten by the upgrade-your-fixie-parts bug! Hence, the impulse buy. $75 for a brand new wheel, trued and all, is quite a deal, though. Note the red hub - very hipster. Whatev. It matches my bike. Just need some rim tape, a long stemmed tube, and we're ready to ride.

I paid 60 bucks yesterday for this mini Kryptonite u-lock. It's not an online purchase, only because I wanted it NOW. Hasty mistake? Photo example includes holster / crazy fun batman-like utility belts for bikers (which I do not own). Nerdster, cutester, or both?

Call it a fanny pack, but it is technically a bike "hip pack." For all the essentials, and a u-lock holder. Carrying a messenger is cumbersome if you don't need to lug books, clothes, or other extra stuffs around. And besides, messenger bags, even with super padded straps, are NOT boob-friendly.

I love a handmade mug. Especially one with pen drawings baked onto them. Got 2: 1 for me, 1 for KK's bday present. Dovetail

If I were a boy, I'd wear Clarks Originals all day long. But fortunately for me, I'm a girl, and they make a pretty cool pair of women's Clarks Originals (Natalie) that are nearly impossible to find in the US, but there just happened to be a slightly worn pair in my size on eBay when I looked a few days ago. Score! I love a crepe sole.

I've been needing a real purse for a while now. People just think I carry a makeup bag everywhere, which is a little off-putting. This one is small enough to be minimalist, and fancy enough for most occasions (vintage Coach, yo!). As with any vintage item, it could look really silly with the wrong outfit, but I'll try to not let that happen.. unintentionally. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm going to be ripped off, since I haven't heard anything from the seller in 3 weeks. And I already mailed payment. Lame.

Thus concludes the summarization of my materialistic extravagance. Back to work, Friday-style. (You should know what that means.)


Boydknife said...

gotta love all your new acquisitions.

burtonac said...

I saw those clarks in japan and I was such a dumbass not to buy them. Now I'm on a crucial hunt to aquire them. SO JEALOUS!

Fern said...

mm, keep on hunting!