Monday, July 14, 2008


I feel so peaceful and relaxed after yoga. Today's class was more strenuous, as we did more downward dogs and learned upward dog. I felt like I got a real workout (my muscles were shaking) without sweating much at all. Sigh. My mind is clear. It is definitely a stress reliever. It's also good to not listen to music on the drive home and just be. I'm tired, but I also feel enervated, unlike after a really long ride or game of sports, when you merely feel dead. I was somewhat reluctant about yoga, because I am bad at focusing my attention on any activity that isn't the Ultimate one (which is..?), but I am learning to use effort in little, difficult and seemingly useless activities (ones that I can easily quit).


marylamb said...

i love a yoga. at castlehill, they keep their rooms nice and warm, so i sweat immediately.


Rachel B said...

Where do you do yoga?

Fern said...

i do it at yoga yoga, the south austin location.