Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Claire L. Evans

Claire Evans is an impressive young lady. She collaborated with the Jona Bechtolt on his side project, YACHT in making some pretty sweet tunes. And they also created the first manila envelope-type Macbook Air laptop sleeve (AirMail).
So at that point, she seemed like just another quasi-famous cute girl hipster who had the talent and opportunity to make art that was heard in iPods and blogged about in "cool hunting" websites. Not uncommon. And I assumed she was probably not super smart.. isn't that that a generally accepted fact about adolescence-extending hipsters?

But then I recently discovered her Urban Honking blog about science and space. This topic isn't really up my alley; in fact, her posts are more difficult to read than that of Kevin Kelly's The Technium. Think NASA, the Hadron Collider, etc. But as far as I can tell, her writing is quite technical and she possesses a working knowledge of what's going on in that field. It's pretty nerdy actually, but it's cool because she's interested in these topics and doesn't make a big show of it. She even has a column in the reputable Good Magazine!

Here's her LinkedIn profile.

Claire, you're my quarter-life stage hero, proving that having an interest in the popular arts and interest in academia aren't mutually exclusive, and that you can excel at both! Which you do.

Nice specs, btw.


Claire Evans said...

Hey, thanks!!

Just so you know, I was not in The Blow. That was and is Khaela Maricich, another one of us "quasi-famous cute girl hipsters."

Fern said...

wow, you're welcome. how funny that you read this!

yes, thanks for the correction! i got my facts mixed up. fixed now.