Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eames love

Everyone loves Eames.. and I can't help but give in to this furniture porn. How can I not? They're so iconic. Drool. Furniture has rarely been so inspiring to such a wide audience. Sure, it may be exorbitant to own these items, but I believe that beauty is still worth striving for in well-designed material objects.

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I'm so tempted to buy a set of these japanese toy replicas, cause I'll never be able to afford the real things. Come on, paycheck! (Ooh, here's a nice green one /"eiffel" chair on eBay!)

Bonus! Philippe Starck for Kartell Louis Ghost Chair. I've loved these ever since they came out. Playful mash of old and new.

Bonus 2! Mini family on mini Eames chairs.

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