Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Azn alert

There's another Asian in the house! Well, she works in the upstairs suite and is probably giving me a bad name. I like using the bathrooms upstairs because they are cleaned more often, but lately she's been leaving obvious black strands of hair in the sink and get this... peeing on the toilet seat!?!? If you're not going to sit on the toilet at least pee into it. This is no good. And we have the same kinky, scraggly hair (maybe from not brushing and substituting bedhead for style).

I have encountered her once. I hate it when Asians look at me differently, merely because I look the same. I didn't decide my looks. It makes me feel weird, because there is definitely no connection, even in a roomful of white people.

Sara and Jeni- No laughing!

Watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time during dinner with B last night. (I made a tomato-zucchini-mushroom pasta sauce for our Butoni. Not into canned or jarred premade sauce anymore, since it's so easy to make your own). I will never admit that I like anime in general, because the definition is too loose, but this movie I liked very much. It was whimsical without being weird, and featured strong character development/ growing up. The anime that I have watched most often features a young girl protagonist, and most often makes me melancholy afterward. It's the hints that there is magic underneath the surface of your small existence, and that you can experience great joys and loss from tapping into that. Like Spirited Away and especially Howl's Moving Castle, there were so many questions left unanswered in this movie. I guess it's only American movies that have to make everything so obvious and neatly tied up for their audiences to not feel uncomfortable later on. Here's a well-written review.

Boyd's loving on the laptop while we watch. No chewing allowed. Or scary cat reflective eyes.


Jeni said...

Umm...I did laugh. But mostly because your story is funny. I would like to see you more in life. Please fix.

Fern said...

Ok yes. Whatcha up tos????? And Sarah I still owe her $10.