Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I want to go on a safari

Yesterday after work, I went to Tuesday Morning in search of some discount kitchen supplies. I grew up near a Tuesday Morning and had always regarded it as a junk store that my grandma liked to buy flowery mugs from. I think I only went in there once. I'm glad I gave it another chance in another life stage, because it's great! It's like a smaller Ross or Marshalls. Because I can't or shoudn't afford a dutch oven, I found a clay baking brick to use for baking bread. Never seen one before. It was only $20. There was a larger Emeril casserole pot that would've been much more appropriate, but I find it so hard to resist classic and functional items. Now I can finally try one of the various no-knead bread recipes; the original was published in the NYT in 2006, since then normal people have been going crazy over it (and dutch ovens). Less rise time! No rise time! Divide the dough in 2! Dutch oven alternatives! Flickr pool!

I love plain, cardboard packaging. Especially for items that are purportedly of high quality.

Isn't it such a cute shape? It is unglazed clay. So raw. And in the old-style logo on the lid, it says "for cooking meat or fowl at home or on a safari." Who can resist? Not me. What is clay pot cooking?

I also bought a Cuisinart Santoku knife for B. At 1/3 the list price, I couldn't resist, even though I am on a tight budget. (I should instead encourage him to buy items he actually needs instead of fancy beer/food). I've been using mine for months and I love it. Can't believe I was previously using a serrated knife for all my cutting.

Here's an article about good kitchen finds in thrift stores, by the famed Mark Bitten. I am one of those who have jumped on the bandwagon- not for old clothes, but for old supplies. I need to limit my trips to Goodwill these days. Reuse, ya'll!

In other hobbies news, I finished Grant's scarf. I used the same brown yarn with rainbow flecks that I used on B's laptop and ds cases. Hope he likes it. I am thinking about shipping it to him, but he is coming down for SXSW in March and claims that Pittsburgh is still cold enough to wear a scarf then. Whew! Here it is being modeled by B.

This probably concludes my crocheting for a while. For Texans, at least. I'd take orders though. Doing it makes me feel a little bit more productive, and I need to feel productive to feel good. Haha. And that's what I'm going to try and address with my job, sometime..

[All photos taken with my phone, a Nokia 3120 Classic. I figured it's way more convenient to take and send photos to my email address, now that I have MMS setup- thanks B! I also haven't taken photos in nearly a week. Probably doesn't help that my cameras are all stowed away in the trunk. I am experiencing a lack of inspiration. This is bad, because I just bought and refurbished a camera. But what is worth taking a picture of? Same old life!]

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