Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cool Hand Luke spoiler

Trying to find meaning in the tasks I do. This article on boredom completely describes how I've been feeling for the past few years. Funny that it's in a mainstream magazine publication. Existential boredom is a serious problem. I know I'm not the only one. At least when I was going to church I was encouraged to think critically about my way of life once or twice a week. Now there is no external motivator. Guess it just goes to show that living passively isn't really living at all. From The Philosophy of Boredom (yay Google Books): It is easy to work, whereas genuine idleness is really demanding on a human being. More like on the edge of unbearable. It's hard for me to go to work, but the free time after work every day really kills me. Recently I haven't been able to stand watching endless amounts of tv shows and movies with B, which is one of his favorite leisure activities. Bring up the idea and it causes profound anxiety. So I've had to rethink my media consumption and I've come to the conclusion that I need to watch fewer, but good movies, and be able to discuss them immediately aftewards, so that it they aren't merely passing entertainment.

One film I saw recently was Cool Hand Luke, starring the ruggedly handsome Paul Newman. B and I went to see it at the Paramount for the price of 2 jars of Newman's Own Salsa (it was a promotion for Paul Newman tribute week). It felt so good watching a movie in a theater that is genuinely classic. The film was longer than I expected and I admit that I was somewhat bored during the first half. Older movies have slower, deliberate pacing that viewers of my generation are hardly prepped for. But then I was plunged into Luke's plight and many hopeless escapes. It was a specific story about one man's stint and death in a chain gang prison, but I really, really felt for this likeable rebel and the injustice he bore. B felt like the film was "pointless" (his word) and had no useful message, in that he didn't want to see Luke get shot down at the end and have the film show that evil people get ahead and good people get screwed in life. We both agreed that it was a well-made movie. It was definitely depressing, but I thought it was a great story and Cool Hand Luke is one of the most unforgettable characters in cinema history. He wasn't a superman and didn't have any impressive life achievements, goals or talents, but his huge spirit and infectious smile were irresistible to both his fellow inmates and the viewers. Now hopefully if I can convince B, we'll also go see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting this weekend. I think the old male movie stars were so much more manly and admirable than our current ones. They were just so cool, ya know?

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Rachel B said...

David and I want to see Butch Cassidy on Saturday at 4:45...want to meet up?

erin said...

dang, i can't believe i missed this. i am in love with paul newman and had intended to go. it's hard to keep up with my mile long paramount list. i have managed to go only once so far.

Ev said...

'cool hand luke' is one of the best stories out there.