Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuji Instax

I recently ordered a Fuji Instax instant camera. I paid for it out of our wedding budget, because I wanted to have photos taken of our guests for a custom guestbook. But I had been eyeing it for oh, the past 6 months. B and I took it for a test run the afternoon it arrived. I was surprised at how large the box was, and even more shocked at the ridiculous size of it. It will definitely take up half my bag if I decide to take it anywhere. As you can see on the Amazon site, there is no frame of reference. It looks like a toy camera for giants.

The Instax doesn't have the square charm of a Polaroid, but it's still loads of fun to use. B especially enjoyed using it, taking more thought and time to frame his photos. (He usually takes low resolution photos with his camera phone and is satisfied with that. I give him a lot of grief for it.) In brainstorming decoration ideas, I've decided to take more of them (yay!) and use a couple of them in each centerpiece. (Do I have to announce on my blog that I am getting married in October? I think most of my few and cherished readers are already aware. If not, consider this an announcement!)

Also, my Flickr pro account is about to expire! In 6 days. Because of our new spending system, where we have cash "envelopes" for our impulsive spending categories, I am going to try to see how long I can hold out on upgrading again. I have also been on a 35mm photography hiatus, since developing photos costs $7 each time.

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Me standing in one of Hyde Park's many traffic circles.

This is our new/used car, a 2004 Scion XA. We love it more every day!

This is a shot of me taken against my will. And by that I mean I whined at B to take no more photos indoor because of the low light. He didn't listen and the flash went off, blowing out my face. I would say the true subject of this photo is the books on the shelf.

I took this photo of B on the steps of our duplex. Don't look at those sweat stains.



erin said...

congrats again on the upcoming marriage!

and i love the instax. not as much as the polaroid of course but definitely satisfies my need for instant gratification. and as weird as this sounds, i like the toaster like quality of the ejected photos.

you are right though... the actual camera is a bit ridiculous. it's GIANT. seems almost like a pretend underwater camera.

ehaze said...

cute pics