Thursday, June 10, 2010

Later Thoughts

Yes, this is adulthood, isn't it? Not being able to get what you want when you want it.

Some despair, but since I can't mope and give up for the rest of my life, I moved towards accelerating my efforts and raising my confidence.

In the meantime, I have encountered some creative spurts. Hooray for specific want-to-dos.
1. Carve more stamps using Mister Rob Ryan as my inspiration. I am not great, but I figure if I do it long enough I ought to improve.
2. Learn how to make a leather belt. I love handmade leather goods, and I made the trip to the nearby Tandy Leather Factory (it's next to The Christmas Store) to get my own belt-making supplies. Currently, I'm stuck on punching the holes, only because it is so loud and I don't want to grate on the downstairs neighbors, rude as they are to us (blaring whimsical music starts at 3 am most nights). First one is gonna be for brother. I plan on adding some Native American stamps to his, but in a modern way.
3. Learn how to make an end-grain cutting board. From watching videos and reading instructions, I already know how to do it. I am merely lacking a shop and tools. I really think there should be a community shop/toolshed in Austin.
4. Sew a modern quilt, a la Jimmy McBride. His work blows my mind. I love how it is based on space photographs, which are already eerie and, well, otherworldly. I don't want to copy his space idea, but the concept of creating an amorphous image with many pieces. I know there is some term for this (related to pomo art?). This bookshelf one may be easier. I'd love to hang that up on a wall, but it's not like we have room for another bookshelf.

In the meantime of the meantimes, I'm pretty much cooking and baking whatever I want to eat. This is usually a dessert item. After watching a Good Eats episode on bananas, I went out and got the ingredients to make vegan roasted banana ice cream. Check out that rich sauce! I also love bananas foster, but am too fearful of lighting the rum on fire.


erinhazel said...
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erinhazel said...

I love your want-to-make ideas! A note on the stamped belt idea for your brother: please consider that trendy fashionable native themes often marginalize native populations without our even realizing it.

erinhazel said...

I just re-read my previous comment and want to apologize if it sounds dogmatic. I've only recently begun to read up on this subject -- and reluctantly, too. Because I myself have enjoyed exploitative Native-themed fashion from an aesthetic standpoint. It's only recently that I've been informed of how those items can be disrespectful. Anyway, thanks for your consideration, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.
Again, I like all of your current projects! And I'm proud of you for keeping your head up in a discouraging time. Thanks for sharing.

Fern said...

Erin, I've given this some thought. I have finished the belt and do not feel like I am treating their symbols in a disrespectful way. To me, they are just pleasing, well-designed images, and I just don't think I am using them in a callous, image-boosting way. If anything, I find them inspirational.
I also like moccasins (specifically from, because i like the way they look and are made. I wouldn't feel guilty owning a pair, because I'm not trying to make some sort of trendy, fashion statement. I really like well-made leather goods. Furthermore, I do not know any Native Americans, so I can't be offending any of them. I don't think you should try to be offended on their behalf- you can't do it all! Sometimes I see elements from my culture co-opted by members of another culture (Chinese symbol tattoos!), and I feel somewhat irked but I mostly pity their ignorance and poor taste. Stupid people will continue to be stupid. You can't change that.

Side note: I saw "Please Give" last night. It was a very human film, with the flawed characters dealing with a lot of common middle-upper class issues (not that I am trying to categorize you, but I think this is an apt description). One of them is how to feel about the poor/needy/"less fortunate." I highly recommend it.

Kronicred said...

Ooooh, how much would you charge for a custom leather belt? Would you even be interested in doing that?

I need a new belt really bad but am so picky.. I can't find anything I like. But I love the idea of the native American symbols and custom leather.

Fern said...

Oh yeah I'd love to make one for you, GF. The materials are not that expensive, so don't worry about it. I will have to practice getting good at the stamps, because I don't have a good feel for it yet... I'll practice on B's belt. Haha. I will send you a photo or something once it's done. See if you like the stain (called "fudge brown").