Thursday, March 17, 2005

I was asleep .. He woke me up again

Listening to: "Romulus" + Sufjan Stevens
"Godhopping" + Dogs Die In Hot Cars
"Forecast Facist Future" + Of Montreal

Hi, this is my first post. I figured that keeping up a website was too tedious now that I don't use Mozilla (-> Composer) anymore. This simple design is just wonderful. Important people have blogs, don't they? I'd like to use my diary more often, but you can't take that to the grave. At least webpages live forever, right? Well, what a good time to start up a blog, Spring Break '05. Today was the halfway mark, so that means tomorrow I start my homework.
I am an online shopper. When will I ever stop wanting? What I want to know is how to be myself and be a child of God. What to do about my interests? This Spring Break I must start up something and keep at it. Let's see, I have many options. I'm not intrinsically awesome at anything (worthwhile) but I do have a headstart on some things. 1) Practice my mandolin and viola, write songs, make "a band." 2) Take out the colored paper, pencils, scissors and make crafty cards. 3) Work out a lot.
If we ever start a band, let's name it JAPANESE WAR MUSIC. That's good. Today I had dinner at a church lady's home. She has 3 children all under 5, ranging from 6 mo. to 4 years. The silly infant aka saliva machine was making the couch damp and his older siblings made beautiful wrecks in the living room with their toys and crafts. Judging from my response, I'm not ready for motherhood. You really can't do a good job of it while still be selfish. Gaw, kids are so selfish! Growing old is absolutely horrid! I wouldn't know, yet I know.
Last night, Andrew and I viewed Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events at the dollar theater for 50 cents. Dark little thing. I rather liked it. And Andrew made a lot of vague comments in an awkwardly roundabout way. I think he was trying to say that he thought that the oldest kid, Violet was hot, even though she was only 14 years old in the movie. Count Olaf was such a perv to try and marry her. The orphan children were a prime example of human resiliency. The landscapes were so odd and fantastical, even more so than those of Harry Potter perhaps. Every grownup in the film was either purely wicked or goodhearted but naive. Why?
I finally went to the Apple Store at Willowbend and got my comma key fixed. The whole time the tech guy was trying to be funny but I didn't really know how to respond. Do I have to be so courteous? I chuckle a lot in conversations, but few people truly amuse me. It was somewhat awkward, but my roommate has taught me that we can deal with that. But do we want an Awkward Club? Today I also went and got my dirty laundry from my other roommate Stacey's house. She was kind enough to lug it home for me- I've been trudging around in old shirts, capris and sweatpants for the past few days. (Why is it this cold?) It was pleasant seeing her in a different context (her home). She really is a sweet girl. That's much more than I can say about myself.


anant said...

hi there F. got to your blog, using the 'next blog' button. must say its well written. but i was left wondering who "woke you up"??

J*Rob said...

"Andrew and I viewed Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events at the dollar theater for 50 cents." - I like that the dollar theater costs fifty cents. Beautiful. I'm mad that Austin's dollar theater is gone.

"Every grownup in the film was either purely wicked or goodhearted but naive. Why?" - Their parents weren't, and they died. Maybe the idea is that humans are born good and then corrupted by the world -- either they are ignorant of the world (naive) and thus remain good-hearted, become nasty through association with the world, or get burned by a corrupt world. Or maybe children's movies just like to make children the protagonists. =/

Andrew said...

Exactly Frances...that's exactly what I was trying to say. I just wasn't sure how you'd take it.

Anonymous said...

Since I've been in college, I've learned to take things much too well!