Saturday, October 15, 2005

My professor was in last week's Austin Chronicle

Saturday! The best of days for a Type A.

Hear the soundtrack to my week of sitting out on the front porch in the lazy Texas afternoons:
Go here and click on #2, "Jezebel"

This morning I was set on going to the local gun shop and purchasing a bb gun. I've heard so much of cockroaches, squirrels and other rodents these past few days, thought I'd take advantage of all the moving targets. Do you think I could shoot my/someone's eye out? I'm not much of a risk-taker - my brain is adequately stimulated. I'm reading this book for a class about risks- it's rather fascinating and offers a look into the often overlooked healthy aspects of risk-taking. Bottom-line: we need them to grow! Anyway, I didn't get the gun.

What I'm going to do the rest of the semester is plan outings for the weekends to satisfy my adventure drive. The correct maps have been printed out in color and circled on. I feel very limited by my body and lack of technical knowlegde, but every expert used to be a beginner, right? So if I cannot bike the Greenbelt right now (more experienced bikers advised Rachel and me against it), I am determined on hiking it. Anyone care to join? I look forward to the great feeling of knowing a place, which entails being familiar with it, and in a sense to have "conquered it." And the more rugged the better. Perhaps I have some of that American spirit flowing through my veins, thicker than blood. A day trip to Enchanted Rock is on my to do list too. Gregory Gym happens to have an outdoor center with lots of resources- I'd better take advantage of that since UT makes me throw money at it every year in the form of mandatory student fees. I've thought about going climbing (more), but it's a lot of work affording all your equipment, driving to climbing sites, finding people to go with, and then there's the whole safety issue. Or I'm just lazy and risk-avoidant.

Things I will miss out on this weekend: a large portion of roommate Mary's birthday celebrations, which include table-side smores at Halcyon, the Vegetarian Chili Cookoff, Brown Bar.. what else? I am, however, attending a The Go! Team show at Emo's tomorrow night. Sad thing is, Emo's is the only music venue I have only been to in Austin; a change of scene would be nice. Ok! Time to get out of my cave of a room.


mcoker said...

awww the greenbelt's not that bad. I started riding it on some crappy non-suspension bike I bought at Target, when I used to live off of barton skyways and could just ride my bike to the trail. It's awesome. You'll walk a few of the parts, but even the most experienced mtn bikers have to walk parts of the trail.

and enchanted rock is awesome. It's truly a sight to behold. And there's even some bouldering out there! Take some chalk and a crash pad and you're set!

mcoker said...

how's that diet coming along?

Sarah Hazel said...

Hey!!! I just saw my Natalie painting in your photos! That was fun!
John Roberson delivered it to them last weekend. I wonder how it looks in their home....?

f. said...

Well, the last day of the diet was Monday, day 9, and I broke it for my roommate's birthday dinner at Mother's. I mean, if I'm going to eat big food, it might as well be veggies, huh? Anyway, my cravings are gone and I'm eating a lot healthier these few days and I feel good. I want to try the diet again sometime later in the year, I think.

Oh, I haven't even been to the Slaton's house yet this semester, I'll have to do that soon.