Friday, October 14, 2005

The Sour Details

Here's a little summary of how my diet has been going so far.
Today: Day 6 (at least 4 more to go)
Cheated?: Yes, on the third day, which was probably the hardest, with a granola bar. Funny thing was, it wasn't even tasty, even though it was Kashi (those are normally pretty good). My taste buds were dulled, except to the drink.
Pounds lost: +/- a total of 6, variation due to faulty electronic scales and inaccurate measurements. However, I don't feel significantly lighter and the book says that one will gain back some weight after getting off the diet. Fair enough.
Drink recipe: Note- HEB lemons suck with their thick skins, a whole one will go into a cup. Central Market's are much better, and I bought 20 of them at half a lemon per cup. I add about 1.5 tablespoons of syrup and approximately 30 specks of cayenne pepper. For the first cup I made, I pretty much dumped in the recommended amount of 1/10 a tablespoon and almost quit the diet right then and there- it burned bad!

The most difficult thing has been resisting food cravings, despite the fact that I am never hungry. The nutrients in the lemons and maple syrup take care of that, but my mind and will gravitates towards food, especially in social situations. That just goes to show what a diehard glutton I have become. Eating is also so habitual.
There was one point in time, Day Four, when the thought of a previously-craved Mother's Garden Burger, Hilbert's fries, or even the Healthy Choice mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer failed to stimulate my appetite. I wanted to throw it out and eat Mr. Natural's (voted "Most Healthy Mexican Food" in Austin) and unprocessed raw foods for the rest of my life. That was a pretty amazing and empowering feeling to have, to have cast off the desires for unhealthy and even regular, carnivorous-fare food for at least the time being. I tend to alternate daily between wanting to quit at the sight of food and wanting to stay on it longer at the thought of health. What worries me most is that after I get off the diet, one bad choice and I'll plummet back into the world of greasy foods, sweets, and overeating once again. As we all know, it's exceedingly difficult to climb out of that once it gets going. So along with the fact that I cheated three days into it, since I will be going on the RUF Fall Conference next weekend, which means camp food (BAD!!!!), I may elongate this diet to fifteen days to avoid that pitfall.
Supposedly, on this diet, you will have enough energy to go about your daily activities. I haven't been exercising as of late, especially running, and I nearly collapsed a few times from exhaustion during a late night game of Ultimate on Wednesday night. That probably had to do mostly with me being out of shape and a bit dehydrated as well. Rachel and I had also planned to go on our first mountain bike ride tomorrow- we'll see how that turns out.
As far as going to the bathroom, I have been taking the recommended cup of laxative tea each morning right before school (hm, not such a great idea), instead of the salt water bath, which I cannot bring myself to consume. I have been experiencing more stomachaches than usual, which more than likely has to do with the cheating, but they almost always lead to a trip to the bathroom. Sometimes, the pain can get pretty intense. There was one time when our toilet broke and I was in the middle of such an ache- not good! But in the words of other people, I haven't had any "master poops."
What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger: that was certainly true last night, where I spent a good three hours celebrating a friend's birthday at Shady Grove. True, it made for some pretty dark moments watching everyone else munch down on the fresh chips and salsa and then attacking their delectable sandwiches, but I'm alive and over it. Food is such a fleeting pleasure, yet without its enjoyment, life lacks luster. One thing I now consciously admit is that I use it to address my issues of discomfort and boredom so often. It is my hope that I can find a healthier way to deal after I get off the diet and commit to eating more responsibly.

And one last thing, lemons (and limes) are truly good for you! If you crave unhealthy foods or your health needs a big boost, do this diet!


Anonymous said...

no offense, frances. but this diet sounds awful. wouldnt it be better to make sure you are getting enough of all the food groups? what about protein and vegetables and whole grains? no wonder you felt weak after that ult fris game... with your best interests in mind,

mcoker said...

that's awesome. I'll be excited to hear how you feel after day 10.

I absolutely hate processed foods. I haven't eaten fast food, or anything fried for that mattter, in as long as I can remember. I feel sooo much better after a nice meal of fresh grilled protien (chicken, fish, whatever), vegetables out the wazoo (zuccini, broccoli, squash, cucumber, asparagus, etc etc) and some sort of healthy carb, usually rice with some flavoring or a potato. I used to love the thought of a cheeseburger, now it makes me feel disgusting. We went out to lake travis last night on a party barge (a work outing), there were billions of beers, wines, candy bars, etc... I would have, at one point, drank myself silly and ate everything I could get my hands on. I had a sandwich and a water and it was everything I had hoped it would be :) You get used to the change and thrive on the feeling. I guess I used to thrive on the joy I got from eating crap foods while eating them. Now I thrive on the feeling of being healthy after eating well.

sarah hazel said...

makes me want to make a healthy batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made with whole wheat flour, mexican vanilla, real butter and fresh eggs. yum. and then have a nice limoncello on ice to wash it down.

mcoker said...

that sounds so amazingly good

f. said...

I don't know about the food groups, Erin. But it's true I have yet to feel great.
I know, in America it's like we're tricked into believing that all that crap food is actually good food that you want to eat all the time. Austin's a great place to rediscover healthy living in my opinion. Don't you agree, Mcoker?
Whoa, are you making those cookies any time soon, Sarah? And what's limoncello?

mcoker said...

I do! I mean, you can still be a fat, unhealthy slob in austin... but it seems like there are more opportunities to rediscover healthy living. There's definitely an outlet for the healthy in this city. It's pretty great. But, on the north-side anyways, I still struggle finding healthy meals when going out to eat. Do you eat out healthy, Fran? If so, I'd like to know where/what you're eating. Some of my spots are...

la madeline - they have an awesome fat-free ceaser salad, with a big chopped chicken breast on top.

jason's deli - I love their turkey reuben, and it's quite healthy

thundercloud subs - just about anything there

madaam mam's thai - I don't have a favorite dish, but everything seems quite healthy

papadeaux's - they have a pretty sweet salmon/rice plate. it's kind of pricey though.

Whole foods - I have a love/hate thing with them. They're so expensive, even for normal stuff, but they have such a better selection of fresh/organic fruits and vegetables. And their little mini-restaurant-bar things all over the store are great. Somewhat expensive, but great food.

Hyde Park Bar 'n Grill - I can usually find something really good there.

sarah hazel said...

Yes. Made the cookies that moment. Limoncello is an Italian lemon liquor that would be a delightful contribution to your cleansing diet.
: )

f. said...


I don't eat out that much and when I do, it's always someone else's idea. However, I do like Mother's, Thai Noodle House, Kerbey Lane.. no fast food places, really. I'm also a little unused to the thought of cooking again, all I can think of that would fit the categories: healthy, raw, and easy is a multi-veggie salad.