Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Red Hands

Hella! I just got back from a 7:30 AM 10-ish mile bike ride down the Waller Creek trail to Town Lake. Austin is so good to have made trails that straddle their creeks - what a great way to see the town. I love it! As you can imagine, it was quite the chill outside at that dark hour but now it's changing to a sweet sunny disposition. My chain falls off the crankset (?) pretty frequently, like once every ride, and I wonder if it's because I'm shifting incorrectly. We passed by our fair share of bundled-up urban campers and whiffs of stinky sewage. That's what happens when you go under bridges a lot. On the tiring way back, I almost fell off my bike when I inhaled a big breathe of air polluted with UT bus exhaust. Sick. Wouldn't it be neat if there was a Bike City? That kind of thing would be more feasible in Europe, I suppose. Now I must shower soon.

I went rockclimbing with Rachel last night at Gregory - this week is "bring a buddy" week, so it's free. It was bouldering I think, climbing from side to side, as opposed to straight up. I fell a few times on the springy floor, not bad. Rockclimbing is a lot harder that I imagined, mostly because it takes more than effort. My arms have never been more tired or tense. (Good) Climbers are just so cute though. Haha. I may or may not go back again this week, depends on my confidence level. It's so worrisome to work with unsteady grips and having to deal with the possibility of a fall at any time. I am no Spiderwoman.

Hey, next Friday, I may be going to see Nickel Creek play at a private luncheon hosted by KGSR. Mary has the hookup with her boss at the Cactus.. oh, connections! They aren't my favorite band, but are probably the band I most want to see live. I may have to take notes watching Chris Thile, that mando master. Maybe he'll give me a few pointers. We'll see. Anyway, I'm pumped about that, and hopefully it'll happen for me.

Erin is coming back! You have no idea of how much that brightens my outlook- next semester is going to be AWESOME. Although it's been a learning experience without her here, I'm more than ready ready to have my good friend back, far away from the clutches of Spanish influence, at least for the time being. Party party party!

Here's a Wednesday song for you. I've had this mp3 for a while and just recently realized how Awesome it is, it belongs on the "G.O.O.D. songs" playlist for sure. It's a chugger:
The Wrens - "Everyone Chooses Sides"


mcoker said...

I don't brush my hair either! I meant to say that in your last post. I used a brush a couple of months ago for the first time in years and it was really weird. I immediately put it down and then messed my hair up with my hands to make it feel normal again :)

About your chain, it *may* have something to do with the way you're shifting, but it usually comes from your derailleurs being out of adjustment. There are little screws on both your front and rear derailleur that set the inside/outside limit of how far the derailleur will go. A bike shop should be able to adjust that pretty quickly, if it's happening a lot.

Rocking climbing rules!! Traditional climbing is with the ropes, harness, etc... bouldering is when you don't have a rope/harness and you usually only climb 12 feet or so. Bouldering in a gym is usually to a "bouldering line" on the wall, and bouldering outside, you'll top-out (climb on top) the rock you're climbing. Going side-to-side is traversing. It's great for endurance and technique.

Anonymous said...

the nickel creeks how is not till next friday. and i love how you used 'urban camper' soooo good.
marysaurus rex

Anonymous said...


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