Friday, July 07, 2006


SS Symphonic Tour! Article.

Went shopping today at Tennoji Station, since this whole week malls are having super sales all over town. Prices are sometimes decent, like $12 shirts, and sometimes not. Also, you can't swing a cat in these shops without hitting a stack of striped shirts or someone wearing one (over and under layers, of course). Anyway, I pawed through the junk and picked up these two gems:
Beehouse round teapot - cute me out: it is coral, classic, made in Japan, and just small enough for 1 -2 persons

Rootote - I know totes are so three years ago and that Urban has carried these for a while, but their designs are pretty great and can you believe that it was only 1050 Yen (~$10 USD).

We went to Costco today to pick up some restaurant supplies and it was almost like being in America again. Bulk monsters in Japan!

Yay point, triumph of culture over experience: I offer up my ideas for the business every time they form and one stuck: Passionfruit Italian Soda. This soda drink is pretty common in American coffee shops, but they have nothing of the sort here in Japan, especially not the tropical flavor of passionfruit. It took a little thinking to get the proportions correct, but it was just a matter of taste and being economical. Bagel K will be selling it starting next week as a special new item. Hold your breath!

In the meantime, I got my hands on some train and subway maps in English, so we'll see if any moving around happens these next few weeks.


marysaurus said...

i love that bag. and tea pot. you are so good. see you at sufjan! holla!

Van said...

nice idea! i dont know if i emailed u back but i hope i did. im HATING working for chandra and her bitch assistant and MY supervisor ANna. I have ONE week to go and im dreading working there! basically it comes down to them thinking that i sit around do nothing all day and then leave early so they dont even trust me. sorry this is a HUGE rant but i hate my job and them right now.

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