Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Handful of billions

Okkervil River - Song of Our So- Called Friend

New photos uploaded for your Internet consumption time.

I think I will be adding photos less often (lower quantity, higher quality), since I find that the protocol in viewing other people's (whose lives are separate from yours at the moment) personal photos, the only ones worth scrutinizing are ones with people, and these people should be a combination of the following:
a. young
b. beautiful
c. sexy
d. posing in a:
i. cool fashion
ii. artsy fashion
iii. disinterested fashion
iv. ridiculous fashion

And alas, I cannot promise anything of the sort, being on physical, relational, islands here.

Breakfast bagel: Green tea. It is a light green color and has visible tea flakes in it, but is sweet too. When you see it, you expect a lot because of its Asian influence. Then, when you bite, the taste is rather subtle and tame. But it's not bad at all, just not what you imagined.


marysaurus said...

happy belated birthday my love. i am sorry this greeting is late. it was programed on my phone. i miss you. and i am having some hard times right now. please keep me in your thoughts.

f. said...

dear mary, don't worry. i am praying for you, for whatever it is that's being terrible to you. <33

Nora Lu said...

my lovliest Frances,
Oh how I miss thee! I am sad that I couldn't give you a biggg hug on your birthday! I have a little "something" for you. (nothing big!) but I am going to wait to you arrive back in A-tx to give it to you :) I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I have sooooo much to fill you in with... Sigh. Get back soon! haha :) LOVE YOU!!!