Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Something/ Someone Rises To Meet Me

Why am I scared of so many things? Sometimes, I wish I had more of a don't-give-a-fuck attitude about the little things. Offend people sometimes, do what I want. Surely that's a tad better than living in the fear of man. It's debilitating a lot of the times. I should live as if I am free, because.. I am. But I can't turn off emotions! They're not to be trusted sometimes. However, I can train myself to feel the right feelings at the appropriate time. Spending so much time around friends whose lives are driven by their emotions has made it difficult for me to do this, but I have to.

It's going to be a real challenge figuring out what I need to start controlling in my life, and what I need to relinquish to a higher power. Faith be turned to sight!

This whole finding housing ordeal is moderately stressful! I know that I won't be homeless come August, but the current mad rush is anxiety-inducing. I hope JJ and I won't have to pay more than we want to for a decent house, but I am willing to pay a good deal more for a comfortable home and peacefulness. Money has always been the top priority in finding a place to live, but I am allowing mental and emotional health to take precedence. Sometimes I want to purchase a house so bad.. Nevermind about that, since I plan on moving out of Austin within the next few years to see another part of the US or world. I don't want to become provincial, even though Texas is a great state. No better time to do it! And the only way I can determine my limits is to test them, right? Another scary idea. I suppose I must get over my irrational desire for a perfect and easy life, whatever that really means, because that's not my main goal in living anyway. Oh upbringing, the old rules I've learned from it I still apply, even though I am in an entirely new stage of life, because no new mindset has replaced it. Where is that mindset?? Give me! Maybe I'm not thinking enough about things.

On a musical note:
If you get to wear headphones at work, check out muxfind. It's a muxtape search engine, and probably a great way to get introduced to new music. Here's mine.

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marylamb said...

moving eh? bah hum buug! when you talk about how life is not supposed to be comfortable, you remind me of the guy from in to the wild. good book and movie.
new job is GREAT. really. i love it. i make food all day like tamari ginger tofu salads a with cashew tamari dressing. and smoothies. yumyum