Thursday, June 26, 2008

strange form of life

Humdrum. Wake late, sit in hot car, work, dally, snack, sit in hot car, hang out, sleep late.

I didn't realize how robotic I had become until today, when I came home, ate some food, and went through some more of my stuff to throw out (so that i don't have to move as much when i do move). I was about to trash one of Roz's screenprinted posters (which looks pretty neat but I am not in the business of collecting posters), but instead, I got out my scissors and cut it up into little rectangles. I somewhat pretended that I was a designer reusing my old prints as business cards. But really, there was nothing to it, no goal in mind, yet it wasn't mindless. I gave myself the task of finding the best patterns to isolate in a rectangle, excluding letters. Funny enough, it was satisfying work. More satisfying than anything I did at work-work today. Wow, how creatively inhibited my lifestyle has become. All the more reason to sign up for the wheel-throwing pottery class at Clayways starting in a few weeks. The final product is important, yes, but it's the process of shaping, perfecting and being in complete control that makes crafting worthwhile (if this is not your job). Wouldn't you agree?

This may be one of my more dull posts, but I seem to have forgotten that it is OK and good to express things for the sole purpose of expressing them. For myself. Life's not a stage. thankfully, And I can have Frances Time more and more these days. Relief! It's fun to do things with the boyfriend and friends too, but I do not require those times to be productive necessarily.

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marylamb said...

guuurrrl. are you coming to st arnold's next weekend with us?