Wednesday, October 15, 2008

best places: scandy?

Wahoo! This never happens! My question got answered on this Freakonomics blog post about the best places to live:

Q: What do you think of Scandinavia? It’s a beautiful part of Europe with world-class design. However, how rich does one have to be to live comfortably over there?

Have you seen the Monocle list? Do you think Copenhagen is really the best one?

A: It is beautiful there. My family is only a generation removed from Scandinavia, and I spent a few years growing up in Oslo.

One downside is the climate, which makes our rainy Northwest and upstate New York winters seem like Miami Beach by comparison. And the cost of living can be very high, with high taxes.

But several recent studies have declared some of the Scandinavian countries as having the highest quality of life, and the most contented people. Despite that, I’ve not heard of too many people emigrating there from the U.S. Most Americans seem interested in sunnier, warmer climes, such as Italy, France, or Eastern Europe.


As much as I complain about the Texas heat, I can't imagine trading it out for the miserable and long cold. Guess I'm like "most Americans." Don't want to take a gamble! And I wonder if the high quality of life only applies to people who are born in that area. Does the benefit extend to foreigners?

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