Tuesday, October 21, 2008

westlake is not a complete shithole

It only mostly is. Found a gluten-free bakery less than a mile from where I work off Bee Cave. Wildwood Cafe - what a wonder! Especially in this part of town swarming with gas-guzzlin' SUV's (or brand new Priuses), overpriced blah restaurants, and hillside mansions. And not to mention worst traffic from hell.

I went last week after work and bought a chocolate chip cookie, brownie and a bag of rice bread. They were all made with rice flour, and they tasted... not so satisfying. Grainy, healthy, alternative. I don't think I'm going to get used to this anytime soon.

Met up with the girls at the Gingerman yesterday (better enjoy it before it gets moved to a more yuppie location). Had cider but couldn't even get the St. Arnold's Oktoberfest pint glass. : [


In the camera-choosing sector, I am slowly narrowing down my choices. They come down to this: Canon Rebel Xsi + 50mm 1.8f lens (~$400) or a high end point and shoot - Panasonic Lumix Lx3 (~$450). I can't decide! I know the slr will take much better photos (and not to mention shallow depth of field), but do I want to carry around that much bulk all the time? Will I use it less because it's less portable? The Panasonic takes some wonderful photos too. But am I limiting myself once again with another point and shoot?

Photos taken with a Lumix LX3 point and shoot: Photos by Maeker

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