Tuesday, November 04, 2008


what's better than north american outdoor gear? scandinavian outdoor gear! so classic it could pass as streetwear. what an adorable logo too. from another website:

Classic Swedish outdoor garments that lasts. I love their stuff because of the function and durability and classics like the Kanken day pack (that hasn't changed for the last 30 years) or the Greenland Jacket that is so out of fashion that it's forever hip. Gotta love Fjällräven!

montbell is an outdoor gear company out of japan. looks pretty similar to our manufacturers here, except more plain and less reeking of corporate (is that a real clause?). i went to a montbell store in japan and it was like a nicer and more down to earth REI. you got the feel that it was less about the brand and more about the activity, as all pursuits should be. i shall be forever detangling the two realms.

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