Thursday, November 20, 2008

fuji natura classica

oh my, is this the camera of my dreams?
never use flash again?? 24mm f1.9 lens on a full frame sensor?? sexy looks? drooolz. i'm listening now.
except that it's hundos of dollahs. silly.
but apparently the olympus xa (gid's new film camera toy) does the same thing and sells for about 1/10 the price. hm. butsip i'm not really into manual focus because i am lazy. and take shots of things that move most of the time.
i happen to be looking into lomos again, except that i hate the crappy build factor, am not really into oversaturation, but am looking for a little more spice. and that's how i found the fuji natura - albeit, in the high-end section.
official site.
oh film! it's starting to add up real quick, but i'm not looking at the numbers yet.. just lovin' the look of film and turning away from mediocre digital pictures. not sure how long this hobby will last, but it's nice that i'm not completely failing.

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