Monday, December 08, 2008

caring is creepy

We're standing
We're standing
You call that gone?
I'm standing on the firmest ground ever invented
Firm ground I invented

Do you remember the one who took 'Place in the Sun' from you?
I know you do
He had a heart of tin
And this amazing desire!
The face of a sphinx that smiled

Out on the wall
A hand had begun writing
Everybody understood
That it didn't mean a thing

Did you fall in love with someone?
Did you "give up on that" for some strange sun?
Weren't you the one...
Fall back in love with someone?

Did you fall in line for someone?
Back down the same road that you came here from
Weren't you the one
That told me not to
Move around but never through?
That's the only thing we ever do

source: Nick Hance Flickr

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