Thursday, December 11, 2008


OK today I will respond to this being tagged by Rachel that asks me to share 7 random facts about myself. Not sure how 'random' these will be, since I'm not really that exciting, in my opinion. Mostly keep to myself.

1. I have the same birthday as my brother, who is 5 years younger than I.
2. I have a psychological disgust for most cheese, unless it is melted, white and not the main ingredient in a dish.
3. I am afraid that I will get tired of everything.
4. I don't like taking pictures of people.
5. My mind is empty most of the time (but I'm trying to amend that).
6. I've been to the island of Macao.
7. I used to lead youth group worship team at my church in Plano.


Rachel B said...

Wahoo, you did it! So, is cheese not the main ingredient in pizza??? I can't imagine disliking cheese...I don't think I've met a cheese I didn't like!

kristi said...

8. i cant wear western wear
9. i love susan olasky
10. i sold bagels

loffvvyou babybear

Fern said...

r: i know... cheese is such a food to enjoy, so i hear.

k: you got it, grizz!

and for you:
1 i have a psychological disgust for lip balm
2 i hate veterans and their day
3 i used to live on cereal
4 i don't like purple now and laters
5 i rode home with a murderer once
6 i do not actually have red hair
7 i have a degree in economics (haha!)