Wednesday, April 22, 2009

STP Alternatives

The newest trend in heritage bags especially is potentially confusing, because you might end up looking like a middle-aged person who has owned their authentically-aged canvas luggage for years, or just a snobby wealthy jetsetter. That's the trick of a trend- it borrows or steals from existing non-fashionable looks. What's classic and somewhat outdated is now the latest great. To prove this, here are some worthy items from the discount super store, Sierra Trading Post (functional and outdoorsy only) that could easily be worn by a hipster. It's all so ridiculous, but we're bored so we play the game.Australian Bag Outfitters Bushman Angler bag - $76.95 (orig $130). See AC's post on fishing bags
Australian Bag Outfitters Brumby Duffle bag - $99.95 (orig $170)
Bric's Cargo Duffel Bag - $170.95 (orig $345)

Sandstorm Kenya Canvas and Cowhide Laikipia bag - $169.96 (orig $290)

Sandstorm Kenya Canvas and Cowhide Explorer bag - $199.95 (orig $340)

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