Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost 25

This no-nonsense list of behaviors to adopt once you turn 25 is sobering to read. I know I have to grow up soon, and this just proves how much further I have to go. Hope I haven't been so annoying for the past few years. Sigh..

2. Do not invite yourself to stay with friends when you travel anymore. Presumably you have a job, and the means to procure yourself a hotel. If so, do so. If not, stay home. Mentioning that you plan a visit to another city may lead to an invitation to stay with a friend or family member, which you may of course accept; assuming that "it's cool if you crash" is not. Wait for the invitation; if it is not forthcoming, this is what we call "a hint," and you should take it and make other arrangements.

3. Do not expect friends to help you move anymore. You may ask for help; you may not expect it, particularly if your move date is on a weekday. Your friends have jobs to go to, and you have accumulated a lot of heavy books by this point in your life. Hire a mover. If you cannot afford a mover, sell your books or put them in storage — or don't move, but one way or another, you will have to cope.

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Rachel B said...

What are you worrying about? You're not even 24! It's hard to believe we're so close to full-blown adulthood...

But about number 2, if you don't want to pay for a hotel, see if there are any campsites nearby!

And I completely agree with the one about being on time for stuff and RSVP-ing. I think once you're past college, flakiness as acceptable behavior is over.