Thursday, May 07, 2009

Vintage Cycling Gear

I thought I wouldn't let myself get into this, but the designs are just so damn good. It's almost enough to make me purchase a Team Z hat. Gotta love that 1990-1992 design sense. And Greg Lemond was on that team. (Gonna go check out one of his frames this weekend). Prendas, a cycling retailer from the UK, is currently bringing back vintage cycling jerseys. The Team Z one is great.. too bad I am too small for Men's Small.

Who knew Bic had a cycling team in the 70's. Cute. Img source

RUSA wool jersey. Members only. Found on Lesli Larsen's blog.

Rapha Campionissimo shirt. Based on the stylish Fausto Coppi's shirts.

I remember American Apparel once sold a cotton shirt similar to a bike jersey. I think it was called Pocket Block? It has 2 back pockets. I now regret now not snatching it up.


mary said...

guuuurl. I lovelovelove west Texas. Kristen set up the rental house. I forgot the company, but there is a company that has houses that you can rent out. Many cities have it and sometimes it is cheaper to do than a hotel. I would be down for another Mrafa trip. :)

Unknown said...

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