Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In the spirit of Shit My Kids Ruined.

Note: I'm pretty much over all of this, because I had to for my sanity's sake. Nobody wants to be around a clean freak. Also, I very much love my cats and would be very lonely without their constant company. This is not an attempt to dissuade anyone from getting a cat. Be warned that there are some consequences, though. Like the inability to keep things nice and 100% hair free.

Hand towel.

IKEA cloth couch. We loved it so much when we saw it on display, but didn't think about putting a guard on the side until it was too late. Hence the lame tape strips, and what little is left of it. So much shredding action. The covers are quite expensive to replace too.

Moon poster (pre-framed). Somebody must've gotten bored.

Guest bed. It is their playground and main nap spot. We have to change the sheets *right* before anyone stays over, and make sure to kick the cats out of the room.

Inbox/desk. So much hair everywhere all the time! But Boyd's cuteness sorta makes it OK.

And all black clothing gets covered in hair! Thankfully, I finally convinced B to not pick up the cats before he goes to work, especially if he is wearing his black dress shirt.


Boydknife said...

they didn't ruin that stuff... they made it better... haha.

Fern said...


SuzyFormager said...

mischievous little devils! that includes you, brook.