Saturday, May 08, 2010

What Seneca Said

Lately, I have been experiencing an acute awareness of the shortness of life. The days are long, but the years are short, right? Things won't just figure them out. I have to make them happen. Wasted time can never be retrieved. You don't know how long you will live, even if you take extra precautions. Scary thought.

And so we, in particular, do things like watch humorous TV and action-packed movies, mindless entertainment. Heck, I just spent the last two hours in a jam-packed theater watching Iron Man 2. It was alright. Stuff like that momentarily eases the burden of life, if it's good. And if it's not, like most entertainment is, then you feel cheated.
A few days ago, we were informed that one of our good friends found out he has cancer. What a blow. To youth, health, vitality, adventure, unbridled creativity- simply, to the 70+ awesome years he is supposed to have. I'm still shocked at the news, and I can't imagine what he and his wife must feel. Like good troopers, they are keeping their heads way up, and have decided to start a blog (or two) about the life-changing journey they have just begun together. They have our support, along with the support of so many others. YOU CAN DO IT, BRANDON! (Sorry Brandon, I stole your photo above because I liked it so much. I also don't know how to resize it properly..)

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