Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Today we were supposed to find out if we got the house or not. For those of you who haven't heard about the house, consider yourselves lucky. There has been enough drama concentrated in the past few weeks to power a high school. The house itself is charming and if you'd like to see for yourself, here are some photos.
Geez, I can't wait for resolution. Most of us have nearly gone off the deep end squabbling about this blasted house. At least I've learned once more that I need to think things through before agreeing to anything and to stand up for myself. Easy to say, necessary to do. My mistakes have led to the creation of a few cost-ugly problems, but wonder of wonders, the Lord is good (!) and He has provided a way out. Prayer works!

Today is also the day I found out that Vans slip-ons don't fit me. (Alas, my feet are too wide. Same problem with Chacos.) This is not the first time I was willing to shell out $40 for a pair of canvas + rubber products that costs less than $4 to make. What can I say? I let trends drag me around sometimes. But in this case, because comfort always comes before fashion, I will forgo them. You can get them, though.

Today + 1 day is Janessa's birthday, April 13th! Be sure to wish her a happy day tomorrow if you see her.

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