Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Minimal Pairs

Oh sick so I hate smelling like smoke. It makes me feel so.. bad.

Song of the day:
A Happy Medium Malcolm Middleton

Who knew that a middle-aged Scottish man would still share the same issues with a teenager. Can you relate?

Woke up again today,
Realized I hate myself
My face is a disease

You wouldn't expect the despairing words to be paired with the happy clinks and uptempo beat though.

Happy All Saints Day! On Halloween, I watched two movies: The Birds and Shaun of the Dead. My nerves were SO overworked from too much stress about hiding out from vicious, killer creatures, like common seagulls and zombies. I made my first caramel apple though, ate chocolate covered Fiber One critters and ran the Mary (and a half!), which was about 4 miles. Whew! My legs hurt afterwards, which is probably due to my stinkin' overpronation.

I skinned my elbow trying to master a skateboard. I nearly took out the side of a passing car as the board shot out from under my trusting feet. Not hardcore, but at least I have deck shoes. It looks like the boys have a lot of fun doing it, and it might be good to have a few tricks under my belt for when I need them. It's just that complete skateboards are $100+ .. am I ready for another hobby? Heck, I still need drum lessons. Oh, and I had to turn down an awesome sounding weekend camping trip 8 hours away because I will be in Dallas! Seeing the folks after weeks of separation, should be good, especially the Asian home cooking. Yum.

OK now, I should be off to bed and early to wake for registration tomorrow. Yay.

Oh gosh, here's the rest of the song:

i'm gonna need to find

a happy medium

to make my future look good

my body is a temple

and my hands and mouth are science

smoke till my mouth gets furry

then smoke some ugly more

let the juices flow

being alive right now is sore

everything's ok

i'm obviously unhappy

you can tell I'm losing it again

paper on the piano

credit in the red

i cant find my friends

walk the market aisles

looking for a girl

i asked out when i was 10

and i just don't fit in

too unfit for the gym

my youth is dead

woke up again today


Sarah Hazel said...

Hilary Hazel is taking drum lessons! Then she comes home and teaches Anna and Joy what she learned, so we're getting 3 lessons for the price of ONE!

mcoker said...

smelling like smoke is possibly the worst ever.

f. said...

Awesome! Is Hilary going to become a drummer?