Friday, November 25, 2005

Design Finds, Issue #2

Yesterday I didn't eat that much turkey because it was a bit dry without that apple half stuff in it, so I wasn't sleepy and instead of taking a nap, I browsed what's new in the design world. But if one of you tells me that this isn't very interesting at all Fran, I'll be sure to stop at this post.

Hand painted customized Chuck Taylors inspired by the bands at ACL 05. I like the laceless look. If I could draw or get one of my artist friends to customize a pair for me - wouldn't that so fun?

Is this shoe too hip to be worn? It is quite possible. The graphic reminds me of the Unicorns album art and was designed by a student intern at Converse who is only three years older than I.

Forget buying a skateboard! I should get myself a pair of Freeline Skates instead! It's like a baby skateboard underneath each foot and it lets you carve out sweet turns.

I first encountered these Bodum double-walled glass cups in the 2 oz. size at the Tea Embassy, where they had a full set and matching clear teapots. The double wall is supposed to be superiorly insulating for both hot and cold beverages, but either way, it such great functional modern art. I plan to pick up a pair when I am able to treat everyday cups more gingerly.

Hazel family, truly, if I had £45 to spare, I'd buy this fruit bowl for your kitchen table this second.

What do you think of this bookcover? Illustrator "Christopher Neal was recently commissioned to repackage J.D. Salinger's classic novel, Catcher in the Rye, for Danish publisher Roman Heulenhoff. The cover was later killed when upon further examination, Heulenhoff staff noticed a clause in Salinger's contract stating he does not want illustrations on his covers."

I have not seen any (billed) winter hats cuter than these. And they do not look skater-ish. Sadly, these pups are only available in Canada and are probably very pricey. I like the one on the top left, "Velo."

I'm not really a fan of tats, but to me, this one is truly a work of art that fully captures both beauty and horror. The artist's description: "This is a promo pick from the Dario Argenta movie Opera. It's a girl with pins taped under her eyes, so she can't close them. She is bound and forced to watch a maniac rape and murder her friend.." Eesh!
(Click image for larger view)

[This layout looks fine on my 12" laptop screen, I don't know how to fix it if it looks wacko on yours..]

And then I spent giddy hours downloading many newly leaked previously unreleased Elliott Smith b-sides and demos. They are fragile, Beatlesque and melancholy the way I like it. New listener, I charge you to take a good stab at these!
Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)
Let's Get Lost
Baby Britain (Remix)
Going Nowhere


punk said...

being an aggressive inliner im going to be mad if these things come out and the skate parks fillup with posers who bought them and if they dont stay on your feet then ill be even more mad with posers and those flying around because manys the time i've been skating and almosthit by a flying skateboard

f. said...

punk, you are right. but i still think they're cool because i am a skater wannabe.

Sarah Hazel said...

I do love the concept of the *still life* fruit bowl. Reminds me of Cezanne. He carefully arranged his still lifes, then took so long to paint them that the fruit was often rotting by the time he finished the painting.