Sunday, November 20, 2005

Slanted and Enchanted .. Rock

Hello, well whaddya know, I finally went Outside! Photos are up from this day trip, but I see that my camera does not do justice to nature at all. More updates after I tackle what is known as schoolworkkkk

So, my relatives don't do Christmas list shopping, which is fine, and I don't need anything right now, mainly because I have been buying things that I don't really need throughout the year, but if I was 1 oz. greedier I would ask for stuff. Here's one thing I would truly appreciate: a good cooking magazine to spice up my life in the kitchen and prepare me for future wifedom. Let's hear a cheer for that one!
My Fake Christmas List:
Vintage stoneware dishes
Bodum double wall glasses
Personal tea pot
Tea brick
Ecolight soy candle
New laptop battery
Breathable windshirt (a or b)
Print hoodie
Swatch Fritto Misto watch
Subscription to Vegetarian Times and/or Everyday Food

But what I am getting my parents are a nice pair of warm Patagonia jackets (like an El Cap for Mom and a Micro Synchilla for Dad) mainly because they do not own much new clothing, are very frugal with their own possessions and spend all their money on their kiddos. A common story indeed. I love the Web Specials section anyway, it gets me excited about cold weather and makes me feel better about not being able to normally afford technical gear. So what about off-ish colors? I named my R2 fleece "Aslan's Mane." And speaking of Aslan and Turkish Delights, what did everybody think of the new HP movie? Alas, I have become a so-so fan of the books and an even smaller fan of the movies- I think I have only seen one, maybe. Oh, crazed college kids hate me for it.

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SarahHazel said...

Crazed college kids and ME! I thought this HP movie was GREAT!