Tuesday, November 08, 2005


frances lee is able to be back with us
frances lee is now seeking to have the full length of the old route
frances is still a disorganized tropical depression
frances is a star in her own right
frances is tired of my drug questions so
frances is part demon part succubi
frances is married to jesus c
frances is eating that is good for her
frances is released through an outlet pipe in the east dam into the canal downstream

kristi is featured in the june/july issue of "go figure" online magazine
kristi is game
kristi is whipped and licked
kristi is thrilled to announce that her august silhouette desire
kristi is at it again
kristi is not in school she likes to read
kristi is a lovely petite indonesian girl from the island of java
kristi is greeted with her first parking ticket from a handsome motor officer
kristi is clinging onto kayjay as she sobs
kristi is drooling from anticipation
kristi is determined to find out who douglas merson really is
kristi is buried

erin is a gyroscope
erin is backed up
erin is a dork
erin is another one where there are quite a few
erin is sporting mall hair
erin is calling this sheet music is for a song called "erin is calling"
erin is almost 18 years old and nick is almost 17 years old
erin is an inspirational reminder of the human spirit
erin is natalie's babysitter and is the one who got her to giggle on the movie clip
erin is a sweet and happy baby who smiles all day long
erin is just so ballsy and indomitable that the final outcome is never in much doubt

mary is the mother of god
mary is a devil
mary is beheaded
mary is a bonny lassie
mary is the girl i love
mary is not tin lizzie
mary is mayor for killybegs
mary is arrested for giving brownies to suffering
mary is still there after all these years?
mary is in a movie called miss lettie and me which airs on tnt dec
mary is that she looks like my girlfriend casie

michael is one hot papi chulo
michael is gonna kick jpm's fat butt on sunday
michael is £30
michael is out and morgan is in
michael is playing i am lying on my bedroom floor
michael is not latoya
michael is possibly the best ever of this wine
michael is currently vice
michael is still rejoicing in flinging in the sheaves
michael has been eating almost nothing except peanut butter and fried banana sandwiches

sarah is a beast
sarah is one the country's top five
sarah is the real thing
sarah is my favorite big brother babe
sarah is good for soup
sarah is anywhere where a pile of leaves calls to you to dive in it
sarah is mentioned in adam sandler's new chanukah song 3
sarah is fiercely independent and adamant about staying that way
sarah is so cute when she's drunk
sarah is dolphinsezzy
sarah is seeking to seeking to fill in the jerusalem area

joyce is related to me but how?
joyce is one of the many people who graduated from indiana university and decided to make monroe county her home
joyce is really jumpin'
joyce is great date
joyce is young at heart and she's gone through her life being pulled
joyce is predominantly humorous
joyce is known as the psychic's psychic
joyce is seen in a wet bathing suit and at a party with her blouse open exposing most of her breast but no nipple
joyce is portrayed as a bodacious dullard

johnny is cause for rejoicing
johnny is a junky
johnny is punk rawk
johnny is like a god over there
johnny is just plain bad
johnny is shot down while fighting nazi planes over libya
johnny is up to his usual tricks again this week
johnny is a successful photographer who has started an affair with a client of his
johnny is a less than well adjusted human being
johnny is our main photocopying person and has spent scores of hours turning pages
johnny is not insane because of his need for killing

valerie is vegetarian?
valerie is about to come full circle on her decade
valerie is 8 years old and ready for the 3rd grade
valerie is in search of kids who are using their heads and wearing helmets while on wheels
valerie is a girl who is stucked in singapore
valerie is not a large mare
valerie is about to be late for her first day at her new job
valerie is the perfect companion for your busy day
valerie is sent away to catholic school


mcoker said...

I do eat a LOT of peanut butter and (not fried) banana sandwiches!!

And sarah is one of the top five!

that's awesome

Anonymous said...

Freaky. I do describe myself as fiercely independent (and adamant about staying that way).....is anyone really cute when they are drunk, though?

Of course, Erin is so ballsy and indomitable that the final outcome is never in much doubt, but she doesn't see herself that way.

Sarah Hazel said...

sorry, I meant to put my name with that...