Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dan McCarthy's dinos

No thanks to Google Reader, I have too much new/ interesting information and eye candy to process. The only way to remember them is to star posts, but it's not often that I go back and review what I've starred. So I tend to forget about a lot of really cool artists. Using this blog may be a good way to showcase them.

First up is Dan McCarthy. Dan's posters stand out because dinosaurs + very dark paints + glow-in-the-dark paint = awesometown. You may have to adjust your screen to see this. Most screenprints are colorful and filled with contrast, trying to pop-out at the viewer, since there are sooo many posters out there these days, most of them pretty decent. But his are really subtle night/ frosty scenes, and make you take a longer and closer look to get the fine details. I almost paypal-ed for one (see above image) the moment I saw it, but sadly realized that a glow-in-the-dark poster would probably drive me mad at night. (Even the little sleep button on my laptop will keep me up if it's close enough to my bed.)


Ink drawings (so detailed!)

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