Friday, August 29, 2008

My titles used to be better

I've finally upgraded to the new layout and customization setting on blogspot, after seeing the updated blog feed gadget on Rachel's blog. I've formatted the side links and am in the process of labeling all my posts. I couldn't help but reread most of them and light upon dusty subjects I'd never revisited.. until now.

- Contrary to what it seemed, I actually did a lot in Japan and Hong Kong. Nothing to complain about!
- I was a very fiery sociology major. It makes me a little sad that I didn't take it further immediately after graduation, when I still had the zest and academic rigor.
- I used to write a lot, lot more about music. But these days, it's not as present in my life.
- My writing isn't that interesting or inventive. At least in school, when I was forced to read more complex texts, my writing improved and vocabulary expanded. Sadface.
- Every once in a while, I become more aware of the state of the world around me and am convicted. They seem to be happening more these days. Sign of growth?


Mighty Leaf tea "Sale"
Getting back into fine tea. This stuff is pricey, but the superior quality is obvious. At least with the woven bags and distinguishably large tea leaves, buds, fruit pieces, etc. Nice, especially for tea in bags.

I'm tempted to get the hojicha, since I enjoyed it so much in Japan.

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