Tuesday, August 19, 2008

David Pearson for Penguin

David Pearson makes me wanna puke all over myself because he is TOO GOOD. I share all of his design aesthetics.. except that I'll never be that good, EVER. Instantly classic, beautifully printed book cover designs. Penguin probably pays him a pretty penny to make them look so sharp today. Ever since the "Great Ideas" Series I and II came out, I've been halfheartedly trying to collect them, halfheartedly because it is no cheap task. These are books that I would read because of their cover. I cannot heap enough praise onto David Pearson, designer hero!!

Popular Classics - cheap and cleanly designed

Great Loves

Pocket Penguins - almost shelled out ~$200 to get these short stories

Sheesh take a look for yourself here: Website

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