Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trying to be cool overcomplicates my life

That is pretty similar to the good quote by star designer Stefan Sagmeister,

"Trying to look good limits my life."

Except his is better, and he made big word art out of it. So true. Can't wait to grow up and do things that matter, and let keeping up appearances drop in priority. I already deem that the "coolest" people are ones who are passionate, driven, committed, voraciously curious, and trying to make a difference. I hope to be going in that direction as well, not for the sake of appearances, which can be deceiving and fade away, but for .. life!

"Deadbeat Dads" and other poor men are getting the least sympathy (and monetary aid) these days .. merely because they are men. But don't they need help just like anyone else? Article.

Expensive and well-designed furniture makes me drool (and covet), which is why I try to sharply curb my visits to design blogs. This mid-century Herman Miller Nelson Swag Leg desk was in an ad in a past issue of Dwell. I love the decision to make the partitions playfully colorful, while keeping the desk classy enough for use in an office.

Is good design self-indulgent? That fear always kept me from diving into that world of beauty and wonder. And "Design within Reach"? Hardly. I'd like to see that in action. IKEA is doing an OK job, but I'd go for better design and quality for double the price.

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