Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Pom Poms


So instead of going home after work yesterday, I found my way to the Town Lake Animal Shelter. Called Erin to get directions, and she told me the truth about them- that is nobody adopts the animals, they will be put down. Pretty sad.

The dogs in their kennels were extremely effective with their sad faces and whines.. but once you took them out they don't give a shit about you. The 2 silent dogs I took out in pens just sniffed around the perimeter the entire time. It's a good thing B didn't come along, because he wouldn't have any sympathy for the "dumb brutes." I checked out the cats too, but decided that none of them were as beautiful or as awesome and affectionate as dear old Boyd. It annoys me that most cats act so superior all the time. The rabbits were a joy to touch, if you could even touch them. They must be some of the most alert, fidgety and scared prey on earth. They would scamper to the back of the cage and curl up into a dense, shaking ball once they heard the latch turning. I wanted to just pick one up and squeeze it and love it, but I hear that's one thing they hate- being held. Understandably, since that is the last thing that happens to them before they are eaten by a predator.

I left with not a pet.. but with a wish for a creature in between dog (expressions), cat (potty trained) and rabbit (softness). Guess that means I can't handle a real pet with real upkeep. Still trying to figure out how to handle cat hair being everywhere at B's!

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